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Maison Diamantaires-OG specialises in the purchase of precious stones, antique jewellery, second-hand and signed jewellery. Our team of state-certified gemologist experts welcomes you to carry out the expertise, valuation and purchase of your stones in perfect discretion.

Our seriousness and know-how are important quality guarantees for us and for our customers.
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Diamantaire Paris offers to buy back diamonds
Diamantaires OG is 30 years of expertise at your service, our offices are located on rue Beaubourg in Paris.
Specialists in the valuation and purchase of diamonds and precious stones, the gemologists at Diamantaires OG are at your disposal to discuss the authenticity of your most prestigious properties.
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Once the expertise is completed, we establish with you a market value for your stone or jewelry.

Buy / Buy Jewellery in the heart of Paris

Diamantaires Paris OG is a team of state qualified gemologists specializing in the valuation and purchase of your diamonds, rubies and sapphires and other precious stones.
Easier and faster than going through an auctioneer to sell your jewelry.

You can call on our gemologist experts to:

With 30 years of experience as expert gemologists located in the heart of Paris, we make sure to welcome you discreetly to our Parisian offices to advise you and share with you our passion for jewellery and gemmology by offering you free expertise and estimates at the best market prices.

Estimate my jewelry for free with a buy-back offer

Estimate and quick offer to purchase your diamonds:

At the request of the owners, we study all types of diamonds: round diamonds, princess diamonds, emeralds, pear diamonds, oval and radiant diamonds, dry diamonds, cushion-cut diamonds, heart-cut diamonds and marquise diamonds.
Often investment diamonds from the 80's with or without gemology certificate.
We estimate all diamonds for free but when buying we generally prefer diamonds above 0.5 carat.
Also we have preferences in terms of gemmology certificates, so we will prefer a GIA or IGI certificate rather than an AIG certificate for example.
We are also a buyer of very old diamonds (CIBJO or SCAN).

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In this regard, we are regularly approached by individuals who have unfortunately been victims of diamond investment' telephone scams.
Unfortunately, these diamonds often have no financial value and we call on individuals to be extremely vigilant against this type of scam.

The estimate at Diamantaires OG is completely free of charge, without obligation and in complete confidentiality.

Offer to purchase and expertise of your vintage jewellery

Diamantaire Paris expertise free and without obligation to purchase your vintage jewelry.
We ensure the perfect confidentiality of your visit, as these jewels are often inherited from a close relative.
We are particularly looking for the following vintage jewellery:

  • Napoleon III Jewellery :
    Napoleon III jewellery is jewellery dating from the 19th century that is defined as old. These are jewels that are particularly sought after by our purchasing departments.
  • Art Nouveau jewellery :
    Art Nouveau jewellery is inspired by nature with its curved shapes and flowery subjects, often represented by birds and insects for example.
  • Art Deco Jewellery:
    Art Deco jewellery is sober, black and white jewellery in the art deco style.
  • Jewellery from the 40s and 50s:
    The 1940s and 1950s marked a real breakthrough in the style of jewellery.
  • Contemporary jewellery:
    These are contemporary everyday jewellery, we consider a piece of jewellery as contemporary from 1960 onwards.

Do you have any questions about our buyback service?

Do you have questions about our jewelry purchasing services? Are you looking for information that you can't find on our site? You wish to make an appointment for an expertise or an estimation of your jewels?
If you have any questions, we invite you to contact our gemmological experts by phone at +33 (0)1 48 87 81 44 or via our contact form
You can also write to us by mail about our antique jewellery buy-back service on the email address [email protected].

Go to your diamond dealer without an appointment in Paris.

In addition to being able to request an estimate or a buyback online, the best solution to sell a piece of jewelry is to come to our premises in Paris physically and without an appointment.
Thus we do everything possible to offer you the best conditions on the market, with a team of qualified gemmological experts, welcoming and respectful of your confidentiality.

Meet us at 43 rue Beaubourg in Paris from Monday to Friday from 10am to 1pm and from 2pm to 7pm. 

35 years of experience in the diamond market.

For 35 years, we have put our experience to work for you to offer you a gemstone buyback service under the best conditions.

Jewellery shop in Paris

43 rue Beaubourg - Paris

A team of state-certified gemologist experts welcomes you from Monday to Friday, from 10am to 1pm and from 2pm to 7pm.

free expertise in diamonds, precious stones

Jewellery expertise

Our seriousness and know-how are important quality guarantees for us and for our future customers.

Expertise in jewellery purchase in Paris, valuation of a piece of jewellery


Trust our professionalism and entrust us with your most precious possessions.

Our GIA Diamonds for sale

Diamantaires Paris OG offers diamonds for sale with GIA certificates. Once reserved for professional customers, we are now opening our diamonds online for the first time for individuals interested in buying rough diamonds.
See all our GIA diamonds
repurchase of second-hand and old jewellery in Paris

Second-hand jewellery & Ancients

At Diamantaires OG, we also buy contemporary and vintage second-hand jewellery. In complete confidentiality, we will be able to advise you and estimate the value of your second-hand jewellery.

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Gemmologist Experts

Expertise is in essence our main vocation.

Located 43 rue Beaubourg in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris, Diamantaires-OG is a prestigious diamond company. Our motto "Expertise is essentially our main vocation" underlines our attitude of respect for the customer and for his product through the eyes and listening of our diamond experts gemologists. Confidentiality and respect for the rules of the diamond tradition are also an integral part of our essence.

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Diamond Privacy Policy

Respect for privacy

All your requests for jewellery expertise are completely anonymous. We never disclose any personal information about you.

Repurchase of jewellery and precious stones in complete safety

This site is 100% secure

Our Diamantaire-Paris website is encrypted (SSL) to guarantee you security throughout your browsing on our site.

Sell a diamond online

On Diamantaires Paris OG, you can sell a diamond with or without a laboratory certificate. Here is a list of the gemmological laboratories we recognize:

Selling a diamond without a certificate

Diamantaires Paris OG - Sell your diamond or gemstone

It is perfectly possible to sell a diamond or other gemstones without having a gemmology certificate for it.

We offer free expertise on all diamonds and other precious stones in our Parisian offices. We propose following our expertise a price of immediate redemption of your diamond that you will then be free to refuse.

Selling a diamond without a certificate

The GIA Institute

Official GIA logo

Sell and buy a GIA diamond on the Diamantaires Paris OG website

We consider the GIA to be the best possible certificate for your diamond.
Diamantaires Paris OG offers the sale and purchase of diamonds and precious stones certified by the GIA.

Learn more about the GIA

The IGI Institute

Logo under white background the IGI

Logo of the IGI gemmology laboratory

We recognize the IGI as one of the best certificates for your diamond.

Learn more about the IGI

The HRD Institute

hrd institute logo

HRD laboratory logo

We recognize HRD as one of the top three certificates for your gemstone.

Learn more about HRD

The French Gemmology Laboratory

The gemmology laboratory in Paris

Logo of the French Gemmology Laboratory

We buy back the precious stones and collaborate with the French Gemmology Laboratory.

Learn more about LGF

European Gemological Laboratory (EGL)

EGL DIAMOND LOGO laboratory certificate

We buy back the diamonds from the EGL gemmology laboratory.

Learn more about EGL